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The Recruiting Process

Keystone Computer Associates, Inc. prides itself on our superior Recruiters and the process by which we find the ideal candidates for each of our clients.  

Our firm prides itself on our relationships with existing consultants, so even after the consultant begins work, Keystone will not be out of the loop.  Each consultant has a direct Keystone contact at our Fort Washington office for administrative and technical questions and discussions.  In addition, we meet personally with our consultants on a regular basis.

Below is an outline of our process, which, dependent upon our client response time, is completed very quickly and with the utmost urgency.

Consultant Outreach

Keystone advertises via the Internet and social networking sites, along with using our extensive and comprehensive candidate database.  Additionally, we have a referral bonus program, which we feel is our best source for finding quality consultants.


After finding a candidate, our recruiting staff follows a thorough interview format in order to verify the candidate’s job history and interests.  This is done either over the telephone or in person.


Once we are convinced that the candidate is a solid professional having the requisite skills, he or she is given a technical interview and skills evaluation.  The evaluation is a tool which enables us to verify the resume and identify the candidate’s technical strengths and is done either in-house or over the Internet via one of our testing sites.

Reference Check

Should the candidate reach the level of our expectations, we will continue the process by checking references.  We require a number of references from each candidate that will enable us to complete two reference checks.  We consider an acceptable reference to be a professional, technical superior from another assignment or a previous permanent position.

Job Matching

At this point in the screening process, we begin matching the consultant with our current client orders.  The criteria assessed in this task are skill set, position description, location, corporate culture and rate of pay.


Once we feel we have a good fit, the account manager will review the candidate’s file and if everything is in line, present the candidate’s credentials to the firm where he/she is best suited.  The presentation consists of a resume in Keystone format and an executive summary and is sent via email.

Hiring Process

If our client decides to interview a Keystone candidate, an account manager will accompany the candidate in order to make the face-to-face introduction, and, whenever possible, sit in on the interview. 


Once the firm would like to bring the candidate on as a consultant or permanent hire, Keystone will contact the consultant to establish a mutually convenient start date.