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Keystone's Bank Communication System (BCS)

Keystone's Bank Communication System (BCS) provides a wide range of functionality to support FEDWIRE, CHIPS, S.W.I.F.T., DTC, NBES, and TELEX.  

The application modules, which operate on IBM mainframes, allow institutions to build the environment they require to successfully support required services.  

Modular design, coupled with rich functionality and the ability to interface the funds transfer, securities clearing and message handling with other application areas, provide the flexibility to adapt the package to fit individual processing requirements.  

Time-proven and mature, BCS offers the functionality and support required for a successful software package and vendor relationship.

The Keystone Bank Communication System FEDWIRE sub-system is a comprehensive on-line interface to the Federal Reserve Bank's wire transfer service. Employing the standard BCS architecture, the FEDWIRE sub-system is modular in design and supports the full range of FEDWIRE functions.


  • FRISC communications capability
  • Fully on-line with user friendly screens and formats
  • Comprehensive BCS reporting providing:
    • full audit capability
    • full message logging
    • full transaction and audit trail
  • Provision for storage and automatic aging of up to 120 days of future dated messages
  • Syntax checking in accordance with FEDWIRE rules performed during message preparation
  • Capability to retrieve missing messages
  • Full status, including counts and amounts for all FEDWIRE funds transfer traffic
  • OFAC monitoring for blocked entities and Specially Designated Nationals
  • Full support of FEDWIRE payment, messages and service reports
  • Full processing of credit reversals (requested or unrequested)
  • Full processing of payment returns and requests for payment reversals
  • Variable bank-defined authorization criteria by account, account officer and amount
  • Variable bank defined verification criteria with full segregation of input
  • Full funds checking for accounts and net debit cap before transmission
  • Expected receive sub-system with auto-match and scrolled-match capability
  • Generation of outgoing S.W.I.F.T. or TELEX payment messages for third party items
  • Automatic advice generation for S.W.I.F.T. or TELEX transmission in accordance with bank-defined criteria
  • Full phone-advising capability
  • Message statistics to enable department and account charging

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